htc desire is biggerIt’s been 6 weeks since I got my Android phone, and I should have known better.

The tech reviews were glowing. THAT is normally a warning to stay away.  See Palm Pre.

So the things I don’t like about my Android phone:

  1. The Android install won’t let me remove the telephone carrier’s bloatware/advertising junk.  Had to "root" the phone to get around that.  Which voids the warranty …
  2. The built-in media player lacks features.  It’s not able to play videos.  As an alternate, I’m currently using yxplayer.  There is talk of VLC Media Player being ported to Android.
  3. The Android application "Market Place" has a large amount of cruddy programs in there.
    This is an area where the iPhone is definitely superior.
  4. Battery life.  A day at best.  Using an iPhone 4 is a similar use?  2->3 days.
  5. Data corruption issues.  I’ve lost copies of my SMS text logs.  Known Android bug.

So if you’re the type which likes fiddling with your phone, get the Android.
But if you’re the type who just wants your smartphone to just work, then buy an iPhone 4

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