I say almost, as in “Do you have your Foobar Customer Loyalty Card Sir?”.

Invariably the answer has been ‘No’.

I couldn’t be bothered carrying a wallet full of plastic cards I rarely use, so they got left at home until now.  The inspiration came from seeing a friends purse stuffed full of cards the other day. I though there must be a better way.


Bundled cards

As you can see, I punched a hole though each of the cards and threaded them on a key ring.  Which groups them together very nicely.

You do need to make sure you don’t punch a hole through a barcode or a telephone number, like I did, on my first attempt.  And you wouldn’t want to do this with important cards, like your drivers license or credit card.  ie.  cards which can be used for identification purposes.

So I have 9 customer loyalty/membership cards threaded on a key ring.  Now if I could only remember some of the benefits of the membership cards, I’d be set…

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