KennyThis is what annoys me the most, this stuff.   ‘Davo waz here’.  Can’t spell for a starter.  Davo was here.  What a claim to fame that is.  Imagine if he went to, imagine if he got to the Eiffel Tower, he’d want a golden handshake, a brass band and a fireworks show.  This is his claim to fame, he’s been to our shitter.  What a fucking muppet.

– Kenny, from the film Kenny

I don’t mind graffiti, a lot of it is tastefully done.  What gives me the shits are the moronic taggers.

Such as the muppets on the 18:43 Frankston train the other night.

I was sitting in the last carriage of the train, and I kept hearing the drivers cab door slide open and shut.  I thought to myself, it’ll be either a train driver or an authorised officer travelling in the rear driver’s cab.

I’d be wrong though.  When I got to my station, I got off and looked.

Muppet bloody taggers.  They’d tagged all over the inside of the cab.  They bolted when they saw me looking at them.  Called up the driver, who wondered down and checked it out.  Ten minutes later, off went the train.

I hope they catch the little bastards.