That’s only half the answer though

I tell people that the secret of my job in fixing computers, is knowing just that little bit more than the person asking the question.

Well, that’s half the answer though.

The other half is having been around long enough to have seen the same problem two or three times.

Today’s beauty was “how do we know the fax machine is working properly?”

The answer, in Australia at least, is to send a test fax.


Telstra has a TestFax service.  You send a fax to 1300 368 999, and shortly afterwards, Telstra will send you a fax back with the results of the test.

The test measures such things as:

  • Transmission speed and level
  • Error rate
  • Sending speed
    (the second image above was my test fax, which Telstra fax’ed back to me).