200px-OFFICEXPbroken up into 670MB chunks”, asked Grasshopper, aka one of our 2nd level support guys.

‘Historical reasons’ was my reply.

9 years ago, when the desktop installation was being created Grasshopper, we didn’t have DVD drives in most of our customers PCs.  Heck, some of the computers didn’t even have CD drives.  So the desktop installation designers thought that aiming for CD sized image chunks was bleeding edge and quite future proof.  And I don’t plan changing it because it ain’t broken.

Today’s question from Grasshopper:
“why aren’t we storing the Office XP install files on each customers local hard disk?”

The answer is fairly obvious.  Back in 2001, when Office XP was released, disk space was at a premium.  And we couldn’t justify 400MB of Office XP Install file space on a 20GB hard drive.  Also there was the lingering feeling that if we give the end user the install files, the thieving bastards will pirate our corporate install.

So we choose Administrative Installs, which brought there own set of problems …