Thoughtful gifts

I loath receiving cash or gift cards for my birthday.  Both scream “I couldn’t be bothered finding a present for you, so here’s some cash instead.”  So if people ask me want I want, I’ll happy give some items.  The first time I’d tried this for my 40th, it was a dismal failure.  For reasons I won’t go into.

Anyhow, this year I received two gifts, and they’re perfect.

Gift 1 – from two female friends of mine

Cute birthday card, 2 Gold Class tickets & a Joseph Joseph Pie™ kitchen timer.
I’ll have to find someone to go to a Gold Class movie.  The kitchen timer, unlike all the other timers I have, looks like a “pie slice” as it counts down.

Gift 2 – from a friend I met when I volunteered at an animal shelter.
I’ll treasure both the card and the key ring, as they remind me of Vadar the Vizsla and Nikki the Weimaraner,

(the card is from )