Programs I always install on my work PC.

Back in February 2009, I wrote the “21 programs I always install on my work PC” post.

It’s time to revisit that, as I’m supporting Windows 7 & Windows XP environments these days.

Application WinXP Win7 Reason
Adobe Flash X X Everything on the web seems to be Flash based now.
AWE Sync   X Syncs my Lotus Notes calendar entries to my Google Calendar
CD Burner XP   X A freeware CD/DVD burner which is really good.
Firefox Browser   X Website testing
Google Chrome  / Enterprise version   X Website testing
Group Policy Management Console X   Group Policy Management
HTTPS Everywhere plugin   X  
ImgBurn   X Lightweight CD/DVD image burning application.
IZarc X   For creation of self extracting archives.
KB SSL Enforcer X X  
Paint.Net X X A free image and photo editor for Windows.
Password Manager XP     It’s the password manager I use for work related passwords.
Process Explorer X X Troubleshooting
Process Monitor X X Troubleshooting
PrimalScript 2007 X X The best VBscript editor and debugger I have ever used.
SCCM Client Center X X SMS/SCCM Management
Systems Management Server 2003 Toolkit 2 X   I work with SMS servers …
SyncBackSE   X It’s backup software. I use it to keep my portable hard drive synced my work computer.
Sun Java X X Like Adobe Flash, everything seems Java based as well.
TrueCrypt   X TrueCrypt is a disk encryption program, which I use to secure USB memory sticks , and my portable hard disk, with.
Windows Grep X X A text file search tool. Very handy for searching log files quickly.
W2K3 SP2 Admin Tools X   Active Directory tools


Only installed when I need it.

Beyond Compare
Used for comparing files and directories to see what is different.

Cool Timer
A countdown timer program which I use to remind me to check things at intervals.

File and disk deleting software.  I talked about it in Deleting files so they can’t be recovered

Takes a screenshot of your screen every x seconds.  As I have to fill in a timesheet, it helps me to remember what things I’ve done during the day.  The product itself can do a bundle more than what I use it for.

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