With large companies, you will often have multiple divisions all running their own IT operations, in addition to the Central IT Department.

What invariably happens is that some bright spark will get the clever idea to centralise the divisions’ IT functions to Central IT.  To save money and reduce headcount are two reasons oft given.

The company divisions hate this as they lose control of their business critical IT.  And lose control of their IT priorities.

The linchpin of any centralisation push is “who controls the funds”.  If the divisions maintain the funding, they can still run their own IT shops.  And buy in their own services.

So now you have the background …

So I asked the question in a Central IT all staff forum,
“Will other divisions be mandated by the CEO to purchase our services?”

‘If we think like that, we’re dead in the water …’, replied our chief sales wallah.

Several years later, I was reminded by a colleague,
“If you sit down by the river bank and wait long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by.”  and “The Chief Sales Wallah has been sacked.”.