CQ61-135TUThe user reported,

When I use Microsoft Word, the keyboard randomly selected all text and deletes it.  This doesn’t happen when I use an external keyboard.

I’ve seen this behaviour myself.

The Presario CQ61-135TU is using Microsoft Windows Vista.

A number of IT folks have looked at the problem and not been able to fix it.  One chap managed to break a key off the keyboard.

There doesn’t seem to be any virus infections on the laptop.  The BIOS version is F.03, and the latest version on the HP website is F.23.  The problem does occur with a (Windows 7) WinPE boot disk.

So if it was my laptop I’d upgrade the BIOS version to F.23 and if that didn’t work, upgrade the laptop to Windows 7.

I’ll have to get back to the user and see what they want to do.

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