Back on the 5th December, I wrote about how to setup outdoor wireless surveillance cameras.  I’ve had a couple emails asking questions, so here are the replies:

What do you get in the box?

WiFi Camera Components

  • WiFi Camera
  • WiFi Aerial
  • 110/240v –> 12v power supply, with US plug-type
  • US to Australia power adapter.
  • Ethernet cable
  • Mounting base & screws
  • Installation/instruction manual CD.

What was the easiest way to adjust the “camera view”?

Netbook and camera

I used a portable (WiFi-enabled) netbook to determine camera placement and to also help with final camera view adjustment.

Run into any unexpected problems?


  1. The WiFi cameras “reset” themselves every 4-7 days.  As both cameras reset at the same time, my guess is that the power to the house “drops” out.  A UPS will fix that.
  2. If you enable the “motion alarm”, and then hang clothes on the clothes line, do not be surprised if you receive 100’s of emails.  This is because the clothes on the clothes line are swaying because of wind.
    Now I remember to disable the motion alarm before I place clothes on the line.