rationell-variera-plastic-bag-dispenser__81809_PE207131_S4“Bag Bag” plastic bag holders were a 1990’s thing.  Essentially a “Bag “Bag” was a cloth bag with openings at the top and the bottom.  You put bags in the top, and draw them out the bottom as you need them.

Now Ikea has a “Rationell Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser”, but they’re only available in white and pink.  I like a bit of colour so white was out.  But since my manliness lately has taken a bit of a hit with pink-ish bed sheets, and then my hi-visibility pink phone cover, do you think I’d be silly enough to select pink this time around?

Not on your nelly.

So I kept looking.  Coles/Kmart/Woolworths etc. didn’t have them.

I was walking past the local “asian” bargain shop.  You know the kind of places, crammed full of “stuff” at dirt cheap prices…

After much searching, I found some.  In blue and *cough* pink.

Of course I went for the blue.

Plastic bag holder - 1Plastic Bag Holder - 2