Coke pouringOnce heard a story from a bloke which claimed that Victorian truck drivers would stock up on Victorian Coke Cola before they crossed the South Australian border.

Now I don’t have access to a truck driver but I DO have access to a couple of genuine South Australia Coke Cola cans* courtesy of a couple of friends.

And four taste testers from the office.

The taste results were 50-50.

Coke side-by-sideSouth Australian Coke Cola has a stronger flavour and smell.

Victorian Coke Cola has a mellower flavour, and while you can’t see it in the photo of the two glasses side by side, the Victorian Coke Cola has a darker colour to it.

And the reason for the stronger flavour is that South Australian water tastes awful.  Or in the words of SA Water:

South Australia’s relatively dry climate and diverse range of water sources provide significant challenges to ensuring clean, healthy water for the State’s urban and rural communities.

So Coke is masking the taste of the water by adding more flavour.

Me?  I prefer Victorian Coke.

* – ironically the six-pack of Coke Cola I purchased from Coles in Footscray Victoria, was packaged in South Australia.