Update November 2015:
VicRoads advice is that this practice is not legal
ie. You are not allowed to lane filter between traffic and an adjacent kerb.

Update January 2016:
Lane filtering, with some conditions, is now legal in Victoria.
Further details here: Victoria – Motorcycle Filtering

An Adam internet user# commented on my “Legal But Stupid” post about the motorcyclist pictured right.

If traffic is stopped and not turning, it’s called filtering why sit on a street backed up with parked with cages.

Never said it was illegal in this instance, but here are some of the reasons it’s stupid:

    • overtaking on the left of a semi-trailer.
    • there are trucks pulling out from the left
      (you can see one pictured)
    • there was damn all gap on the left.
        It could be illegal


        , but heck, aside from working as a motorcycle courier, I do not have legal expertise.  But there is


        .  Doing a

search over there

      shows up the following possible offences:
  • Improper overtaking or passing
  • Turning or stopping without signalling

# – if you don’t use a real email address, you’re not going to get your comment approved.
* – offences taken from Victorian Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2009