Saw this advertised the other day:

HandyScanThis portable scanner is a magic wand that will scan and capture books, photos, letters and important documents.

Scans without the need to have a computer attached.
You can copy photos from someone else’s album, scan a borrowed recipe instead of writing it out laboriously by hand, or download text from reference books anywhere and anytime.

The device can store more than 30,000 pages when used with Micro SD cards up to 32GB (2GB provided) , and connects to your computer for easy drag-and-drop transfer.

A hand-held scanner was the first item on my 7 crap IT products I shouldn’t have brought post.  While the specifications have improved, and the size has shrunk, these devices still produce a sub-standard scan.

Instead, go and buy something like a Canon LiDE flatbed scanner.  I’ve been using them for years and are very happy with them.  A Canon LiDE scanner like this one perhaps: