Oil filtersThere is a theory that the more oil capacity you have, the cooler the oil should run*.

So I’d thought I’d give it a try in my Toyota Corolla.  It has a 4AFC engine.  It’s normal filter is on the left (Ryco part no. Z386).

Ryco Filters have a feature on their website which allows you to search for filters based on their dimensions.  The dimensions we care about are Seam Diameter, Seal Diameter & Thread type.  Looking up the details for the Z386, shows 68.00mm | 63.00mm | 3/4-16-UNF-2B.

We plug the Seal and Seam dimensions into “Search for Dimensions” tool, and it returns the following results:
Search results

The Z442 is the one we want.  It’s 10mm longer.  The extra amount of capacity that give me?  36 cubic centimetres (36 CC).  Which looks like this:

* Other things to be aware of

  • The main reason why people fit a larger oil filter is so that the oil has a much bigger filtration area.  ie. more filter paper to filter the oil though.
  • If your oil filter has a bypass valve, then be aware that a different filter to the recommended one may have a different strength bypass spring.

Disclaimer: use a non-standard filter at your own risk.