asutil.exe Imports subnet information into the ITM Server database.
compver.exe Displays the version of all installed components.
eavdisc.exe Causes a “free election” discovery to occur on the local subnet.
eAVreprt.exe Runs silently to cause reports to be generated.
EnableLogs.exe Turns logs on for CA Customer Support, for debugging purposes.
EnableWinICF.exe Opens all required Windows firewall ports needs for CA eTrust to function.
ITMRT_SupportDiagnostics.exe Diagnostic tool for eTrust Pest Patrol.
phonhome.exe Causes the eTrust client to try and “phone home” to the eTrust policy server.  Often this will resolve policy and update issues to be resolved.
polutil.exe Imports and exports policies.

Source: CA eTrust Implementation Guide – Utilities and Troubleshooting