Running on emptyThey say Harry Firth, that great Australian race team manager would calibrate fuel gauges in the race cars he managed.  I know he did this with the A9X race car.  The reason is to allow pit stops to be planned accurately.  Removes the uncertainly.

I don’t like uncertainly either, so I did a test on my 1990 Toyota Corolla.

I didn’t change my driving style, so the mileage I got was what I’d expect in normal city driving.

Results as follows:


AE92 1990 Toyota Corolla Automatic with 4A-F engine

Fuel Tank Capacity 50 litres
Range until low fuel light 307 kilometres
Total range 386 kilometres
Low Fuel Light triggers when x litres left 5 to 10 litres left.

Don’t want to do this test yourself?  You could try a site like Tank on empty for tests other people have done.