WinDirStat causing a Bluescreen?!?

windirstatWinDirStat is a good little disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool.  But both times I’ve used the Delete option, I’ve ended up with a BlueScreen of Death.

It’s happened a couple of times now.  As I use TrueCrypted volumes, it’s easier to rebuild the PCs then the lengthy recovery process.    Googling, I found that the authors of WinDirStat state:

Several users had contacted us and claimed that WDS caused their systems to show the dreaded BSOD. As a driver developer I know that this is impossible since no user mode program can crash the system with BSOD unless some driver or other kernel mode component fails to check its parameters or whatever else.
WinDirStat causing blue screens?

Just one of those things I suppose. …