Root Causes for Slow Boots and Logons (sbsl)
“There is no shortage of root causes for boot and logon delays. Some delays are caused by code-defects in the OS or applications on the computer experiencing slow boot or logon. Other root causes lie with the underlying network, remote servers, or Administrator misconfiguration.
Don’t worry about tracking the QFEs for Windows. We’ll be publishing a list of recommended fixes the near future.”

It’s no surprise to me that McAfee features in the list.

Your access to network resources is slower in Windows XP than in earlier versions of Windows
”This problem occurs if the network-based files use the long file-name syntax instead of the 8.3 short file-name syntax. Specifically, the Windows XP Server Message Block (SMB) redirector component does not cache path information from long file names. In this scenario, Windows XP sends two SMB packets for every GetFileAttributes function call.”
After you apply the patch, you then need to set a registry key.

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