and these CrashCards seem like a really clever idea:

Ever been in a car crash or know of someone that was in one and found yourself scratching around for a pen and paper so you can get all the right information for your insurance company, only to find that neither pen or paper are at hand and more often than not the anxiety and stress of the situation has thrown  all rational thinking out the car.

This situation is happening nearly every minute every day and is the inspiration behind an exciting new product CRASHCARD. My business partner and I decided to develop a very simple inexpensive process that could be used by all drivers regardless of age, gender or experience , After many months of research and development and with consultation with Insurance assessors , police and the dept of road safety we developed CRASHCARD .

Its simple and easy to follow as its packaged in a blister pack the card itself is durable and rigid and being a DL size format makes for easy postage. The crashcard pen is locked into place this guarantees you won’t be looking for a pen when you need it the most. But best of all it cost less than two gold coins  , just store it in the glove-box and feel comforted knowing its there

I have one of these in my glovebox. Hopefully I’ll never need to use it.