Until recently, I thought rabbits were only good for

  1. food, and
  2. fur.

After I heard someone talk about their two house rabbits and what they’d get up to, I had a re-think.  They are as smart as cats, and they don’t treat people as servants.  When the time is right, I’ll volunteer to foster a rabbit or two.  Anyhow, on to the links:

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage
Victoria’s FIRST and only dedicated NO KILL Pet Rabbit Sanctuary

Bunny Friends
a place (predominantly for Melbourne Australia) for bunny owners to get information and be directed to useful sites. if you care, take the time to read and research, you are a bunnyfriend

House Rabbit Society
House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization with two primary goals:
a) To rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them and
b) To educate the public and assist humane societies, through publications on rabbit care, phone consultation, and classes upon request.

Fuzzy Rabbit
Fuzzy-Rabbit.com was created to help people understand rabbits. Many people we talk to are surprised that rabbits can be kept inside as house pets. Rabbits are very clean animals and are ideal companions. Rabbits enjoy watching the daily family activities, and get bored sitting outside in cages by themselves.

The Language of Lagomorphs
What Your Rabbit is Saying and How to Speak Back


Bunspace was created to be an inclusive community of people interested in finding and sharing experiences, information and resources for and about house rabbits. In the US alone there are over 4,000000 pet rabbits and as the third most popular pet after dogs and cats, Bunspace provides a forum for the exchange of information and discussion amongst the rabbits and their owners that cannot be found anywhere else.

MediRabbit.com is an educative and non-profit website based in Switzerland that aims to spread current knowledge in rabbit medicine: description of diseases, clinical signs, diagnosis and proper treatment, surgical procedures, radiographs with explanations, differentials, case reports, safe medication, etc. Information contained in MediRabbit.com is regularly updated and new information or illustrations are added.

The Great Wall Of China was built by Emperor Nasi Goreng to kill the rabbits out