Currently reading “How Animals Grieve“, mainly because it was recommended to me by a couple of people, and one of those people lent me a copy … Which is the best way to get a book …

It’s an easy read, Barbara provides numerous examples of animal grieveing for loss of a friend.  The two stories I particularly enjoyed were
The Swimming Pool Rescue

“One day I was in my kitchen when I heard a tremendous hullabuloo amongst my feathered friends. They were screaming and crying so loudly that the birds in the trees started chiming in.  The chickens rushed onto the deck, knocking furiously on the sliding door with their beaks.  I ran outside immediately and they rushed off with me behind, trying to keep up.  Straight to the pool we dashed.  There I saw Cloudy, everyone’s favorite hen, flailing her wings in the swimming pool. I reached in and lifted her out.  Cluck cluck, sighs of relief all around.  She was only very wet: saved by the fast thinking of her loving flock.”


And the Love Goes On

“… Back home, Trixie made a small and pathetic picture as she lay in her empty house looking totally miserable and depressed; her dinner untouched. I stayed with her awhile and made her as comfortable as possible but felt horrible for her as I went to bed.  Morning brought an incredible surprise. Majic had pushed open his pen during the night and had jumped down to lie next to Trixie’s house. …’