Motorcycle courier “The late Phil Irving, great engineer, wrote a wonderful, typical sort of Irving theory, he said if everyone rode a motorbike before they drove a car we would lower the road toll.

And there was some funny reasoning in it because he said that if you’re really stupid you’ll start hurting yourself.  And the most you can kill is two people. 

Whereas if you’re really stupid in a car you could kill 4 or 5.  Or another car, and kill even more.  And you’ll stop doing it.

And, but this is the important thing and the serious aspect to it. You’ll learn a lot about looking at the road, reading signals, and seeing slippery bits and all the rest of it.  And it will make you a better car driver, and there’s no question, it does.”

as related by Will Hagon, on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife, 21/10/2013