Sorry - Your Password Isn't Not Long Enough

You might have seen this cartoon here before, but it’s worth repeating, as it’s that time of month.  Some organisations require passwords that are longer than the 12 digit codes needed to arm a nuclear weapon.

I’m not the first to notice this. Jesper M. Johansson wrote about in-actionable security advice in an Microsoft Technet magazine article series called Passwords and Credit Cards.

So how do people remember passwords?

  1. Write them down and stick them under a keyboard (aka Koolpin$Gorge*)
  2. Store them in a password spreadsheet/document?
  3. Use a password manager?

It’s option 3 for me.  I use the LastPass password manager. But here are some others to consider:

Name and download link Comments Free / Commercial?
1Password Version available for Macintosh, Windows, iPhone, iPad & Android.  It’s possible, via Dropbox, to sync your 1Password databases between your different systems. $49.95
AcrylicApps Wallet Mac and iOS only $9.99 (iOS) $19.85 (Mac)
LastPass I use this.  There is a portable version called “LastPass Pocket”.   Does form-filling as well. Free version.
Premium version adds mobile device support amongst other features.  $12 per year.
KeePass Free.  Open source.  Maintained. Free
Microsoft Credential Manager Free with Windows 7 & 8.  Stores Windows and website logons. Free
PassBox Windows only. $5
Passgen Written by the great Jesper M. Johansson.  Hosted by Steve Riley @ his old Microsoft Technet blog.
Not a password manager as such.
Passpack “Store logins to all online accounts. Share passwords on a need-to-know basis. 1 Click Login for everyone.“
They blog! (thanks Louise)
Non-free versions from $18 per year.
Password Gorilla Windows & Mac Free
Password Manager XP I know large companies which use this. $24.95
Password Minder Written by Keith Brown.  Worth a look.
Note: Download link here.
Password Safe As mentioned by Jesper.  Free.  Open Source. Free
RoboForm More of a “web form filling” application, but it stores passwords as well.   Multi-platform (ie. iPhone/Windows/Macintosh/Linux). Free.
RoboForm Everywhere adds multiple device support.  $9.95 per year.
Sticky Password Evolved from the multi-Pass password manager.  iPhone and Android version available as well.   “Sticky Password is now also supporting Android as well and is cloud based with option to choose offline version for those who do not like to have their data being synced over the cloud.” $12 per year.
UsableLogin Generate unique secure passwords for each website you login to.   Multi-platform. Free

* a server, for a sensitive organisation, had the server password stored under the server keyboard. Koolpin Gorge was where the server guy took his last annual leave.

edited 21 September: let’s make it 8 password managers, thanks for the comments folks.
edited 12 October: added Passgen tool description and link.
edited 27 May: added Password Minder.
edited 31st October: added Microsoft Credential Manager & Sticky Password
edited 7 May 2013: updated links/comments.  Added PassBox
edited 26 November 2013: Added Password Gorilla & Free/Commercial column.
edited 5 December 2013: Added AcrylicApps Wallet and updated the Sticky Password comments

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