Airport men’s toilets are interesting places.  You get to see and be offered all sorts of products, from “glow in the dark” condoms to toothbrushes.  The shaving kits you used to get are long gone.  Airport security folks must be afraid that a passenger is going to look clean before getting on a flight.

As if that would happen in these days of cheap flights.

The glow in the dark condoms would be useful though in an aviation incident.  As a “glow in the dark” balloon.  Just follow the bouncing ball boys and girls …

Wipe-on sex appeal.  Saw these on offer for $2 and I immediately thought, Sex appeal

“Ah, another way to separate the gullible from their money”

So in the interests of you dear reader, I purchased a sample.  No, it’s not Spanish Fly, even though the box claims it’s a “Pheromone – Product of Mexico”.    The “David Ross – Eau De Cologne” does contain:

David Ross With that mixture of “”chemicals””, there ain’t no way I’m going to be trying it.