There is this photo doing the rounds on the internet.  Often with the comment “I can’t believe it’s true”.


Well it’s true in Victoria Australia at least,   From the Guide to Retailers:

“Q: Can I sell any kind of knife to someone under 18? What about kitchen knives or a plastic knife?
A:  It’s an offence for anyone under 18 to buy any kind of knife, or any other controlled weapon. This includes kitchen knives, bread and butter knives, box cutters and even plastic knives. If a child needs a knife for a legitimate reason, such as for work, they will need to get their parent or guardian to purchase the knives for them. There are no exceptions. If you or one of your staff knowingly sell a knife or other controlled weapon to a child, you or your staff member can face a fine of up to $2,389.”

h/t Gun Free Zone