The Firsts - Photo courest of SaraReneeThe “Firsts” are the elite and select group of Weims that drew us in, blinded us with the ways of Weims, beat us up, made us raise our hands in the air in celebration and for sure in desperation. The firsts, no matter their age now, still are allowed to get away with things that the seconds or thirds or fourths or fifths (you know who you are!) would never even dream of trying to get away with. The Firsts are typically older now, but just as rotten and naughty as they used to be. The Firsts forgave us for our stumbling and training disasters and sins. The Firsts still have us wrapped tightly around their paws. The Firsts still hog our beds, steal our vegetables out of the garden, leap from boats when they shouldn’t, bark at people they shouldn’t bark at, and counter surf when you least expect it. But you know what? It’s ok, it’s all good. You know why? Cause they’re our Firsts, and we love them no matter what. They are still devoted to us after all these years. They have given us the “training” WE need for those to come. They give us the love and the stories we will share for years and years to come. They are our Firsts, and for that they are no less than perfect.
Photo and words SaraRenee Photos&Design

With thanks to SaraRenee