Light My Fire Spork A couple of these arrived in the post the other day.  One of my co-workers has one, and following the standard protocol in the office I decided to thieve it* decided to buy my own.

At $3.50, it seemed a reasonable price,


  • easy to clean, dishwasher friendly.
  • nice sized, good for eating pasta.
    which is to say, the fork and spoon are a good size.


  • don’t cook with it, it’ll melt.
  • the “knife” blade is useless for cutting most things.

If I was backpacking, I’d invest in a Titanium Spork instead.  The Light My Fire Spork website is here.

 * I had a titanium spork go missing.  It’s probably fallen down the back of the dishwasher with all the other missing items.