Forgeries Fakes and Forensics Recently went to a talk by Victoria Police Chief Forensic Scientist, Bryan Found PhD, titled “Forgeries, Fakes and Forensics”.

Bryan Found is a very engaging presenter.  Things I found of interest, in no particular order:

  • You can sign your signature with different parts of your body.
    Which is to say the mechanical motions to write your signature can be used by your foot, or your bum.
  • In one security role I held, the mantra was “burn the paper, and then stir the ashes”.
    As burnt paper can be coated to stop it disintegrating, and the burnt writing can then be read.
  • All photocopiers now print a digital watermark, which can be used to identify the photocopier, and the time and date of printing.
    Printer manufacturers will extend this to all printers over time.
  • Think using a black marker to react lines in your diary will make the original text unreadable?  Think again…
  • The devices used to reassemble shredded paper files are called “graduate trainees”. 🙂