DNS Suffix Search List It seemed like a good idea at the time, configure the DNS Suffix Search List centrally so everyone gets the same thing.

The wheels fell off when I went to configure the 15th domain suffix.  The DNS Suffix Search List Group Policy accepted the value, but the desktop client wasn’t reading it.

The reason I needed to add another prefix, was that an off-site internal website, http://Noddyhome, was not resolving.  It was working if the customer typed in the fully qualified domain name, http://Noddyhome.othergroup.internal.beatfeet.com

After much head scratching, it looks as if there is a 200 character limit to that policy.  “othergroup.internal.beatfeet.com“ just wouldn’t fit.

The fix?  We used the GlobalNames Zone feature of Windows 2008.

Setting DNS Suffix Search List via GPO (Ryan Adams Blog)