SilverSeekKB back in February 2010.  Used to use the DLL Help Database quite a bit back in the heady of Windows 9x and NT4 SOE Development/Support.

I was reminded of it today when I read about SilverSeekKB.

DLL Help Database allowed you to look up a Microsoft DLL file to see what product that particular DLL version shipped with.

SilverSeekKB is kinda like that, but isn’t.

SilverSeekKB allows you to determine the latest available version of any Microsoft binary, which is handy to know.  It’s handy to know in case you’re searching for a new binary because the current binary is:

  1. causing a Blue Screen of Death, or
  2. you’ve been asked to apply a patch, and are wondering if that is the latest patch available.

There is also the “System Inspector” option, which allows you to scan a local system to see what later patches are available for installation.

Thank you for writing it Julien Clauzel.