OneDrive For BusinessThe customer reported that their roaming profile wasn’t saving to the network.

So I had a look.

The customer had sync’d 2GB of data using OneDrive and was storing it in their roaming profile.  The reason being something like “so it’s available wherever I log on.”

Which I understand.  But storing anything in a roaming profile becomes a trade off between portability and reliably.  Plus you can throw in “increasing network logon/logoff times when you have a larger roaming profile.”

Microsoft’s advice on this can be best described as “la la la I can’t hear you …”

For the OneDrive for Business sync app to work as designed, the following requirements must be met:

  • The application must be installed on the local computer.
  • The user must be able to write to the user profile.
  • Data that’s written to the user profile must be saved to the local hard disk and be available without a network connection.

Leong Chee Loon, MSFT Support

So Microsoft isn’t saying Roaming Profiles are not supported, but “user must be able to write to the user profile.”  But if your System Admin has set limits on how large the Roaming Profile can grow, then the user won’t be able to write to the user profile.

Or to put it another way, OneDrive for Business is not designed to be used with Roaming Profiles.