Ilovevolunteering_thumb.jpgI volunteered in an “Opportunity” Shop, or as some people know them, “Thrift” shop for 6 months.  These shops are generally run by charities and they sell donated goods.

Can I have a discount?
Something we’d get asked semi-regularly.
”We’re a charity.  The goods are already are a bargain.  And you want a discount???”

I’ve visited charity shops interstate.  Turns out to be a fairly common question.

We dumped more donations than you’d think.
No, we don’t want your soiled clothes, including under garments.  Old newspapers?  No, we don’t want those either.  And what do you think we’re going to do with your broken furniture?  Have the “broken furniture fairy” magically fix it?
Electrical goods.  Some shops don’t take them, but we did.  If you’re donating your old computer, wipe the hard drive first.

Finished looking at that item of clothing?
Why yes, DO drop it on the floor.  We’ve got nothing better to do than re-hanger clothes.

The staff and volunteers get first look at the new stuff.
Yes, this is true.  Aside from the altruism of volunteering your time to a charity, one of the paybacks is good cheap stuff.  I picked up a pair of new Doc Martens, worth $120 new, for $50.