Pilot BL-G21-7M G-2exIt was a chaplain who introduced me to this pen.  She uses it to write chaplainly things, sermons and such.

If you are writing plenty, you might want something which is pleasurable to use.  Plus anything which can improve my “is that scribbling Dale?” handwritting, is a blessing.

So the Pilot BL-G21-7M G-2ex is a large barrelled pen with a rubberised grip.  The ink is an acid free gel which is delivered via a 0.7mm ball.

Back in June, the chaplain mentioned that the pens were no longer available.

I do love a challenge.

So some Googling later, I found PilotOnline.com.au sell these G-2ex pens over the internet.  For good measure I ordered a box of Pilot BLS-G2 Refills.  So a short time later we each had a supply of pens and refills.

Now if I could only stop losing my pens.

Updated 12 JAN 2018:
Pilotonline has closed down.
Mega Office Supplies is my new source.