The fun of buying Melbourne International Comedy Festival tickets

I see a lot of comedy during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF).


As in 40+ shows this year.  This means dealing with multiple ticketing agents, including 2 variants of Ticketmaster.  Yes I could buy at the door.  Artists like ticket sales.  I like buying a ticket as it means I don’t run the risk of a sold-out show.

In an ideal world, there would be a “one stop shop” for all ticket purchases.  The MICF Ticketmaster combined purchase option goes partly towards this.

Ticketmaster – via MICF website.

The Good:
It saved me 15% over 10 tickets.

The Bad:
Some shows which are definitely Ticketmaster ticketed shows, don’t show up in the combined transaction list.

The Ugly:
There are issues with the “Combined purchase” option.  MICF are fixing them when they find them.  Dropping shows from your purchase list is the biggest issue so far.

Ticketmaster – other
If the show you want to see is not in the MICF “Combined” list, you have two options:

  1. buy individual tickets at Ticketmaster’s website, at great expense or
  2. go to a Ticketmaster outlet and buy all your tickets there.

I went to an outlet.

Works well, site search can be a bit difficult.  Print your own ticket(s).

Seatadvisor countdown
From the start of your booking session, you have ten minutes per show session.  So if you’re into a) going to multiple shows, and b) adrenaline; you’ll love the race between you and the expiring tickets.

One show, one purchase.  No way to combine purchases.