imageNeeded to connect up a temporary shower in a workshop recently.  I looked at doing the whole “plump in a complete shower”, and the quote we received was in the thousands.

This was the quick workaround.

The shower is sighted above a plastic clamshell plastic sandpit.  Clean, warm water is pumped from a clean bin.  (the camping shower includes a built-in water pump).

The water from the sandpit is pumped out into a waste bin, via the Rule 360gph bilge pump.

The bits to make up the improvised shower are below:

12V camping shower
12V DC 10A Desktop Power Supply 2.1mm DC Plug
Rule 360gph 12v bilge pump
DC Power plugs

27 litre rubbish bin (2)
2m Grey PVC Washing Machine And Dishwasher Outlet Drain Hose
Shower curtain (2)
Shower curtain rings (several)
Clam Shell Sandpit
59.5 x 39.5cm Timber Duck Board Bath Mat (2)
Floating Pool Thermometer
Corflute panels (2)

What about hot water supply though?!?
With buckets.  I have access to a hot water tap, so I fill buckets and transfer into the 27 litre bin.  If I need to generate my own hot water, I’d buy a Portable Gas Water Heater and a separate water pump.