Or, “Quick Assist won’t give me a Code to assist someone else.”

Troubleshooting this was difficult, as there isn’t much troubleshooting information out there.

Here are some things to try.

First, isolate where the problem is (if you can)
Does Quick Assist work on a different computer?

Quick Assist works on a different computer for me!

So now we know the problem is computer-based, as opposed to user account-based.  Try one of these to see if they fix the issue:

  • Clear your credentials in Credential Manager, and restart.
  • Remove your account from “Access Work or School” and re-add it.  Restart your computer.
  • Delete your user profile from the computer.
    Login with an Administrator account, and delete your user profile in the User Profile Manager (shortcut: rundll32 sysdm.cpl,EditUserProfiles )
    User Profile Manager
    Restart your computer.
  • Reset Internet Explorer Settings
    Launch Internet Explorer and click on its Tools icon (gear in top right).
    Select -> Internet Options -> Advanced pane -> Reset Internet Explorer settings section at the bottom
    Press the “Reset…” button in that section and then confirm to reset in the next pop-up menu.

Quick Assist does not work on a different computer!

  • If you use Azure Active Directory with “On=Prem” AD, try doing an Azure AD account sync.
  • Using MFA, try resetting your MFA.

May 2022 Update
If you can’t access the following URLs, Quick Assist is likely broken: