The evidence would seem to point that way.
Dell 7390 battery

I’m told that Dell will:

  • If the laptop is still in warranty, replace the battery free of charge
  • If the laptop warranty has expired, charge you for a new battery.

Dell do have this on their website:

You may have experience your Latitude 5289/7389/7390 2 in 1 system overheating, shutting down unexpectedly or displaying a fan always on issue in daily usage (may be perceived as fan noise).  This happens after you trigger a “dirty shutdown” (non standard shutdown) to fix a Blue Screen (Crash Screen) issue or when your system hangs, or simply any time the recommended shutdown procedure is not followed.

We have found that the issue is observed with Intel DPTF (Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework) driver version 8.3.10203.4295 or earlier installed.

For Latitude 5289/7389, you may also experience the system auto reboot issue if system BIOS is 1.10.2 or earlier.

Latitude 5289/7389/7390 2 in 1 systems overheats, auto reboots, encounters an unexpected shutdown, or the fan is always on