Uninstalling the Zscaler Client Connector with an UNINSTALLPASSWORD

The Zscaler documentation gave me the impression that IF you don’t specify an UNINSTALLPASSWORD with your MSI Transform file, you can’t uninstall the client from the command.

I was wrong!
(and the Zscaler documentation is unclear IMHO)

The command to uninstall the Zscaler client is:
msiexec /x {ProductCode goes here} UNINSTALLPASSWORD="<LogOut Password Goes Here>"

Zscaler Client Connector Version ProductCode from the MSI {A2D1CE45-DEC6-45B9-B6F4-92C6681F7A0D} {A15BB114-28F9-4E6E-AA6D-7EF3D53AFE16}

So for Zscaler client v3.1.0.129
msiexec /x {A2D1CE45-DEC6-45B9-B6F4-92C6681F7A0D} UNINSTALLPASSWORD="<You need to enter your own LogOut Password here>"