Allow Google Cast to connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses
… or  my Microsoft Edge was using SSDP, enable though it was disabled, to connect

DNS TTL best practices: Understanding and configuring DNS TTL
… my DNS issue wasn’t a TTL problem.

Citrix Gateway VPN client registry keys
… nor was secureDNSupdate

The PowerShell Equivalent of NSLookup is Resolve-DnsName
… doesn’t seem to do everything though (flushdns ?)

10 DNS questions solved with Resolve-DnsName
… making some progress

Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ
”As such, we’re not allowing exceptions …”
… not entirely true I’m told, if you have are a sufficiently large Microsoft customer

Enterprise Model Site List – Enterprise Mode schema v.2 guidance
… Oooo!  IP ranges now.

Update to the latest Microsoft Teams builds
… rather than Microsoft pushing it to you.

Context, Action, Result (CAR): answering interview questions and describing experience effectively
…. now for something completely different, CAR was used in a recent job interview panel I was at.