Microsoft 365 network connectivity test (
When you run this test, we measure the connectivity between your device and the internet, and from there to Microsoft’s network.

Insights from these measurements help you discover and understand connectivity problems for individual office locations and how you can update your network architecture to improve connections to Microsoft 365. This can dramatically increase productivity and satisfaction for people in your organization.

The Automatic Metric feature for IPv4 routes – Windows Server | Microsoft Learn
A metric is a value that’s assigned to an IP route for a particular network interface. It identifies the cost that’s associated with using that route. For example, the metric can be valued in terms of link speed, hop count, or time delay. Automatic Metric is a new feature in Windows that automatically configures the metric for the local routes that are based on link speed. The Automatic Metric feature is enabled by default, and it can also be manually configured to assign a specific metric. – Australian OpShop Listing is a free listing for stores selling goods for community and charitable organisations.

How to: become the LOCAL SYSTEM account with PsExec – Specops Software

Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams installation and update issues on Windows – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
This article provides guidance for how to diagnose and troubleshoot installation and update issues for the Teams desktop client app running on Windows. For additional troubleshooting information, see Teams troubleshooting.

Install or Deploy Microsoft Teams — LazyAdmin
Microsoft Teams is going to replace Skype for Business Online. Microsoft Teams is now generally available in Office 365 so it’s a good time to take a look at how you can install Microsoft Teams so it’s installed on every computer in your organization.