Or as I read it
“Microsoft backtracks on removing Quick Assist from the Windows Operating system.”

In June, we moved Quick Assist to the Microsoft Store to help improve performance and security. Starting with Windows 11, version 22H2, this version of the app is pre-installed in Windows and updated through the Store.

However, with this change, some of you couldn’t install Quick Assist from the Store.

Windows IT Pro Blog: Try an improved Quick Assist experience

Enterprise IT customers running a secure, non-Windows Store environment.

If that’s you, our December 2022 quality update is here to help!  …
After you install the update, the original version of Quick Assist will have the same functionality that’s in the Store app version.

The “same functionality” is short-hand for “it has the same flaws the Store version does.”

Here’s an example.

In August Microsoft added audio support to Quick Assist.

There is no supported way from Microsoft to disable audio.

And we want to disable audio in Quick Assist as our support team receives audio feedback when speaking with the customer we are trying to assist.

Microsoft promises that it’s on the roadmap to be fixed, yet is unable to tell us when.