Tracing and Troubleshoot WMI Events
Can capture lots of useful information.  If your WMI Provider is broken, it may not help with that/

This got me out of a jam.  I made a mistake by putting 300 workstations into a large SCCM collection, and I needed a way to identify those 300 workstations amongst all the other directly added workstations.  This command helped me to run an extract.

How things work: Group Policy Caching
I was troubleshooting a Group Policy, and I wanted to guarantee that the Group Policies really were updating from the domain.  So deleting I went.
User GPO Settings – %localappdata%\GroupPolicy\DataStore
Computer GPO Settings – %windir%\System32\GroupPolicy\DataStore
(it didn’t fix the issue)(another CRUD article)

Group Policy Preferences – Replace Exisitng File
This was the answer to the issue I was troubleshooting.  The short version of was that Update will NOT replace an Older file with a Newer one.  Only Replace does that.

ZScaler ZPA – Login Script/Mapped Drives
Detect when ZPA is connected using powershell and wmi
Zscaler Private Access – Active Directory Enumeration
Find the SID of current logged on user using PowerShell
Currently testing ZScaler ZPA as an alternative to our existing VPN.  Just parking these articles here for later.

Configure the Order of Network Interfaces
Every so often I get asked “Why is WiFi being selected over Wired?  And can you fix that?”

Service & repair for Surface devices
As opposed to just opening the dumpster, and throwing them in hard.