So my TrueNAS Server wouldn’t boot any later version than 12U6, and I wasn’t sure if it was TrueNAS or the underlying FreeBSD operating system.  A search of the forums and the TrueNAS bug tracker showed up nothing.

So since it was stable, I left it alone.

Until last week, when newer hardware arrived.  Now I’m running an OMV NAS, and these were the things I wish I knew when starting on my OMV journey.

Debian won’t boot on a UEFI system
”Many UEFI firmware implementations are unfortunately buggy, as mentioned earlier. Despite the specification for boot entries and boot order being quite clear about how things should work, there are lots of systems in the wild which get it wrong. Some systems simply ignore valid requests to add new boot entries. Others will accept those requests, but will refuse to use them unless they describe themselves as “Windows” or similar. There are lots of other similar bugs out there, suggesting that many system vendors have done very little testing beyond “does it work with Windows?”

Dell seems to be one of those vendors.  While Debian *could* fix it, it would be bad and wrongInstead, you need to do some configuration to get it to work.

It *puzzles* me that the Debian installer doesn’t detect these buggy implementations.

IPv6 – Install hangs at “Configuring the Network”
This is a Debian / router bug, not an OMV bug.

The cause was that I had IPv6 enabled in my router.  I did not have a DHCP IPv6 server configured, so the Debian install hung.  It would be better if the Debian installer fixed this issue, but it’s a Linux OS … so some hair-chested shirt-ness required.

IPv6 – Can’t enable in the OMV console.
I wasn’t able to enable it in the OMV Console.  Seems a common issue.

The fix was to download omv-firstaid and fix it though there.

ZFS – no support within OMV to enable it
This is something TrueNAS does well, OMV not so much.

“You can create filesystem on a ZFS Volume but you have to do it manually in Linux”

With OMV, you don’t get to chose ZFS as your format of choice, which is a pity.  I like ZFS because it has compression and the ability to take snapshots.

There is an excellent guide to doing it here:
[Howto] Setup ZFS on OMV Step by Step for ZFS Fans. and this was useful too: Ask Ubuntu – How to format an external disk to ZFS

Other bits:
Automated ZFS Snapshots for Openmediavault
How to show compression ratio on ZFS
Overview of ZFS Snapshots

Rsync and copying data from the TrueNAS server.
It would have been a lot smarter to setup Rsync and copy the data from old NAS to new NAS.

Not that I did it that way, no, I copied 4TB of data from an external hard drive.


Next time:
How to Schedule Rsync Tasks in Open Media Vault 6 to Make Copies of Your Data

The Rsnapshot plugin needs some further use before it would be useful to me..

For the time being, I’m going to trigger Rsync twice a day to copy files from my Data (EXT4) drive to my Backup (ZFS) drive.  The Backup drive will have Snaphots running.