So you like hot chillies?

Mad Dog Sauce We had a chilli sauce tasting at work.

In the left corner, Mad Dog’s 357 Hot Sauce, and the right corner, Pete’s homemade chilli sauce.

We’ll get onto who won in a moment.

Now I love hot chilli sauce.  And with 357,000 Scoville heat units, Mad Dog’s 357 packs a mouth burning, tear inducing wallop.  This is a sauce which you use with care.  This is a sauce that the manufacturer has written a disclaimer for.  In short, it’s nasty stuff.

In the right corner, Pete’s homemade chilli sauce.  A sauce which you can use as a sauce, and still get some kick.  Not enough kick to make you cry though.  The lack of habanero peppers probably explains that.  It has cayenne peppers instead.  It’s about half as hot as the Mad Dog 357, and that makes it my winner.

I thought there was no hot sauce I could not stand.  The Mad Dog 357 Sauce proved me wrong.

Pete’s homemade chilli sauce follows below the “read more”.

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