Brussels Sprout Tea–it’s a thing.

I made my own Brussels Sprout Tea.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Place the Brussels Sprout leaves into a bowl, and let them dry in the sun for 24 hours.
    Brussels sprout leaves
  2. Bake the leaves in an oven at 120 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.
    Brussels sprout leaves - oven baked
  3. Cut the Brussels Sprout into tea leaf sized leaves.
    Brussels sprout leaves - chopped
  4. Place into a tea bag, and drink.
    Brussels sprout tea - brewed

Didn’t taste as bad as I expected. Wouldn’t do it again though.

The idea came from an impro scene.  The impro scene was better than the tea.

Fire in the Hole

and other pizzas you can’t order anymore 🙁

Fire in the HoleThe Mad Moose gourmet pizza restaurant is gone!  They closed the doors Tuesday 8 August.  No more will I be able to order the “Fire in the Hole” pizza.


From the The Mad Moose Facebook page:

For the past 10 years it has been a privilege providing you with Yarravilles best pizza experience.

Sadly we have closed permanently.

We closed our doors for the very last time Tuesday night.

It has been a pleasure serving (most of) you.

We have met some amazing people, customers, staff and suppliers along the way.

I’d especially like to thank our loyal customers that have been with us through the years.

It is a very tough market at the moment and I have had to make an equally tough decision.

We understand that this closure may come as a surprise and may upset some customers. We deeply apologise for the inconvenience and the fact that you will now need to find another pizza place.

Sincerely Logan and the Mad Moose crew.

Light My Fire Spork.

Light My Fire Spork A couple of these arrived in the post the other day.  One of my co-workers has one, and following the standard protocol in the office I decided to thieve it* decided to buy my own.

At $3.50, it seemed a reasonable price,


  • easy to clean, dishwasher friendly.
  • nice sized, good for eating pasta.
    which is to say, the fork and spoon are a good size.


  • don’t cook with it, it’ll melt.
  • the “knife” blade is useless for cutting most things.

If I was backpacking, I’d invest in a Titanium Spork instead.  The Light My Fire Spork website is here.

 * I had a titanium spork go missing.  It’s probably fallen down the back of the dishwasher with all the other missing items.

The Urban Myth of South Australian vs. Victorian Coke Cola taste

Coke pouringOnce heard a story from a bloke which claimed that Victorian truck drivers would stock up on Victorian Coke Cola before they crossed the South Australian border.

Now I don’t have access to a truck driver but I DO have access to a couple of genuine South Australia Coke Cola cans* courtesy of a couple of friends.

And four taste testers from the office.

The taste results were 50-50.

Coke side-by-sideSouth Australian Coke Cola has a stronger flavour and smell.

Victorian Coke Cola has a mellower flavour, and while you can’t see it in the photo of the two glasses side by side, the Victorian Coke Cola has a darker colour to it.

And the reason for the stronger flavour is that South Australian water tastes awful.  Or in the words of SA Water:

South Australia’s relatively dry climate and diverse range of water sources provide significant challenges to ensuring clean, healthy water for the State’s urban and rural communities.

So Coke is masking the taste of the water by adding more flavour.

Me?  I prefer Victorian Coke.

* – ironically the six-pack of Coke Cola I purchased from Coles in Footscray Victoria, was packaged in South Australia.

“So where was that Australian Coke Can, canned/bottled/produced?”

If you were going to do a “taste test”, this would be fairly important to know.

Was that Coke Cola can purchased from a South Australian Petrol Station REALLY canned in Adelaide, or was it imported from another state?

So I did a search around the internet, and found mmmmmcoke’s collecting guide on eBay.  For the current series of Coke Cola can, if you look on the bottom, you’ve see information like this:
post 2006 australian coke can dates

The general stamp format is as follows:

So for the two cans pictured above:

Best Before Date 06 DEC (20)12 15 DEC (20)12
Manufactured Location MELBOURNE ADELAIDE
Time of stamp 19:27 19:45
Production Line Line 3 <blank>

The complete list of manufacturing locations you may see are:
T = Townsville, Queensland
B = Brisbane, Queensland
S = Sydney, (or they also use X for Sydney)
M = Melbourne, Victoria
L = Launceston, Tasmania
A = Adelaide, South Australia
P = Perth, Western Australia

Frozen peanut butter treats for dogs – 2nd batch

Frozen peanut butter treatsAfter the first batch of frozen treats, a friend made a suggestion of adding water to the peanut butter mix.

Since I also wanted to try Vegemite frozen treats, I though it would be a good time to whip up another batch.

Vegemite frozen treats

Was a failure.  The vegemite failed to set solid,  Maybe if I add enough water to it, I’ll be able to.  Something for batch 3.

Peanut butter frozen treats

Adding water does make it easier to mix, but it makes the peanut butter “melt” quicker when you take them out of the freezer.  Not that Nikki the Official Taste Tester complains.
Maybe I need to buy some ice or sugar tongs.

Frozen peanut butter treats for dogs

One of my friends told me that dogs love peanut butter.  So I whipped up a batch of frozen peanut butter treats for Nikki.  Frozen so that on hot days, it’ll help Nikki keep cool.

What you’ll need.

  1. Smooth peanut butter – light
        I used about 200 grams.
  2. An ice cube tray
        I used a flexible Ikea “Plastis” silicon tray.
  3. Plastic freezer bags.
  4. Some small dry dog food
       The dry dog food helps stretch out the peanut mix.
  5. A round mixing bowl.
        I used a square bowl below, which made it hard to get all the mixture out.

Making the peanut butter treats

  1. Put the peanut butter into a warm bowl, with the dry dog food.
        The warm bowl makes it easier to mix the peanut butter.
        A friend has suggested added some water as well, as this would it
        even easier to mix and set.
        1_Frozen peanut butter blocks
  2. Scoop the peanut butter mixture out, and put into the tray.
         2_Ice tray
  3. Place the tray into 2 freezer bags. ie. double-bag the tray.
        This will stop peanut butter smells from going though your refrigerator.
  4. Place into the freezer, and leave for at least 12 hours.
  5. Optional step.  Allow your dog to clean the peanut butter mix off your fingers.
  6. 12 hours later, the peanut butter treats are done!
         5_End result

Best burgers in Melbourne – Danny’s Burgers

Dannys BurgersA friend introduced me to Danny’s Burgers.  And I’ll be forever grateful, Danny’s truly have the best burgers in Melbourne.  I mean, if you had a choice of McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks or Danny’s, you’d go Danny’s. 

For me, a burger shouldn’t taste exactly the same every time.  And you should be able to taste the individual flavours of the ingredients.  Sitting here, I can’t remember anything about McDonald’s burger, aside from the word BLAND.

My favourite Danny’s burger is lamb, with a side of chips.

Getting there.
360 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy

Catch a 112 Tram from Flinders Street, get off at the corner of Holden St and St Georges Road.  Walk 100m.

Caffeine Free Diet Coke???

Not for the taste of itIs there any more pointless product in life than Caffeine Free Diet Coke?

Clearly not drinking it for the caffeine high.

Or the sugar rush.

Or for that matter, the taste.

And the only place I see it sold in cans is at the Indian Takeway, where I grab my fortnightly curry hit.  I don’t know if that says more about me, or the curry place; to be honest.