Yamaha TDM 900 assorted parts etc.


Battery Yuasa GT12B-4
Yuasa YT12B-BS
MotoBatt MBT12B4
SSB PowerSport VT12B-4
SSB PowerSport GT12B-4
Brake Fluid DOT4
Brake Light Narva 17916BL
Brake Pads Ferodo (Front)

Ferodo (Rear)

Coolant Techoly
Oil Motul 3000 4T 20W50 (Mineral)
Motul 3100 GOLD 4T 10W40 (Techonosynthese)
Oil Filter KN111
Spark Plugs NGK DPR8EA-9
Tyres Pirelli Angel GT 120/70/18 (Front)

Pirelli Angel GT 160/60/17 (Rear)
Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT 120/70/18 (Front)
Michelin Pilot Road 4 160/60/17 (Rear)

Tyre Pressures 33 psi (Front)  36 psi (Rear)

33 psi (Front)  42 psi (Rear)  (maximum load)
36 psi (Front) 38 psi (Rear) (Michelin Pilot Road 4)

Victoria – Motorcycle Filtering

is now mostly legal.  Mostly legal, as there are still times & places where you CAN’T filter.

You can’t filter:

  • if you don’t have a FULL licence
  • between traffic and an adjacent curb.Legal-but-stupid_thumb.png
    (see photo)
  • between lines/lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions
  • in bicycle lanes
    (or stationary in bicycle boxes for that matter)
  • in special purpose lanes
  • a no motorcycle lane filtering sign applies to the length of road09-94sr019149
  • where it is not safe
  • at speeds greater than 30km/h

But don’t accept my opinion on the subject, do go read the following:

Lane splitting / Mobile chicaning is still illegal.

Karma, when it’s instant, is a joy to behold.

Victoria Police C.I.R.T. van - photo courtesy www.graphiceffects.com.auRiding home tonight, I was behind a Police CIRT van.

They pull over, then start following me.  I’m thinking to myself, “Ahhh, I’m going to pulled over for a traffic stop”.

So the Police are behind me at the next set of traffic lights.  the lights change green.  I start to move off.  Taxi on the cross-road RUNS the RED light to do a left turn so he’s in front of me.

The Police put their Flashing Lights on, overtake me at a rate of knots, and pull the Taxi driver over.

Karma is wonderful.

It’s a new motorcycle headlight protector.

My good friend Rebecca sent me a AMHP headlight protector as a gift.
HEADLIGHT PROTECTORTimely to it was, as I’d been meaning to get a new protector after the last one broke when someone drove into it.

The good:

  • 3mm thick, so it should be durable.
  • well made, fits perfectly.

The bad:

  • nothing.

Here’s hoping I don’t need it’s protection.

Another “C” Road Trip – Korumburra to Walhalla.

This was a trip suggested by my good friend Rebecca.  165 km / 3h 40min according to Google Maps.

The C425 from Korumburra to Warragul.
This was actually the best part of the ride.  Nice roads with some moderate bends, not that many other motorcyclists on the roads, a bit windy at times.

The C425 from Warragul to Noojee
Noojee Trestle BridgeMore bikes.  Boring-ish road.  Best part of the ride was visiting the Noojee Trestle Bridge.  The bridge was rebuilt in 1939 following the Black Friday Bush Fires.  Bec tells me that public toilets at Neerim South are probably the best ones on the ride.

The C426 from Noojee to the South Face Road.
South Face Road or Mt Baw BawWinding.  On a sports bike it would be a hoot.  On a oversized super moto, less so.  But I still had fun ripping though the corners.  I remember getting to Tanjil Bend and thinking “Shit!  I’m lost.”  A check of the map and away I went.  Parts of this road would be very slippery in the wet, with all the leaf matter and all.  Most dangerous part of the trip was clueless riders using the whole road to corner.
You’ll eventually get to the Mt Baw Baw turnoff.  Not being a snow bunny, I continued onto the South Face Road.

The South Face Road
South Face Road - Rawson end26kms of unsealed winding road, with a bike running road tires and road tire pressures, what could possibly go wrong?!?  As it turns out, nothing.  But I wish I noticed on the map that it was dirt before I got to it.  As far as dirt roads go, it was smooth, and I wouldn’t want to go speeding into the bends.  My average speed was amount 50 km/h.  At the end of the South Face Road, I turned left towards the Thomson Dam.

Thomson Dam via C466
Thomson DamWhy???  Well it’s Victoria’s largest water reservoir, and I’ve never seen it.  It’s about a 20km ride up there.  Saw a speed camera car parked on the side of the road, which was a surprise.

South Face Road to Walhalla (C466 to C461)
The township of Rawson is a pleasant little place to stop and have a look around.  The road from Rawson to Walhalla becomes narrow in sections, slippery, and occasionally there is roadkill.  Nothing like a dead wombat to make you change your line, mid-corner.

Very much the tourist town, you could spend the day walking around looking at things.  The Long Tunnel Mine is worth a look if you’ve never been in a mine before.

Google maps link to the route here

Travelling the “C” Road

HeathcoteIn Victoria, we have several classifications of roads, the “C” classification being the lowest grade of the classified roads.

C’ roads are generally two lane sealed roads with shoulders. ‘C’ roads provide important links between population centres and between these centres and the primary transport network. An example of a ‘C’ road is the Geelong-Portarlington Road (C123).

The good thing about “C” routes is that they really are the road less travelled.  Not much traffic, not many police and you get to see things you otherwise would miss.

Such as riding over a crest on the Burke & Wills Track near Mia Mia, and having a kangaroo bound down the road in front of you.  Skippy was bouncing along at 25 km/h, before he decided to bound into the bush.

The other thing, you get to drop in to shops which have the “Best Shop Award” for the last 5 years running.  The cynic would wonder how so many bakeries/restaurants in the same region, can win so many different prizes?  Made up awards???  Surely not!

My two recent “C” road trips were as follows:
Melbourne –> Echuca (M2 C743 C325 B75 C347 C362 C351)
Melbourne –> Maffra (C101 M1 C426 C486 C103 C105)

(with thanks to Smee for suggesting the Echuca Route)

The internet has made bike maintenance cheaper.

I’ve owned/worked on several motorcycles where the part you need must be purchased in a bulk package.  Kawasaki, and their tappet shims, were fairly infamous for this practice.

“Yes sir, we can sell you the tappet shim you want.  They come in a box of 20.#

Tappet shims

You couldn’t buy an individual shim.  You had to buy in bulk.  Unless you were friends with a motorcycle mechanic, and you could obtain the shim you needed.  The internet has made this a bit easier.  Now you can shop for shims at eBay or a company like Precision Shims.

# – it seems you can now buy shims individual shims from Kawasaki.  Sanity at last.

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Lane Filtering

Update November 2015:
VicRoads advice is that this practice is not legal
ie. You are not allowed to lane filter between traffic and an adjacent kerb.

Update January 2016:
Lane filtering, with some conditions, is now legal in Victoria.
Further details here: Victoria – Motorcycle Filtering

An Adam internet user# commented on my “Legal But Stupid” post about the motorcyclist pictured right.

If traffic is stopped and not turning, it’s called filtering why sit on a street backed up with parked with cages.

Never said it was illegal in this instance, but here are some of the reasons it’s stupid:

    • overtaking on the left of a semi-trailer.
    • there are trucks pulling out from the left
      (you can see one pictured)
    • there was damn all gap on the left.
        It could be illegal


        , but heck, aside from working as a motorcycle courier, I do not have legal expertise.  But there is


        .  Doing a

search over there

      shows up the following possible offences:
  • Improper overtaking or passing
  • Turning or stopping without signalling

# – if you don’t use a real email address, you’re not going to get your comment approved.
* – offences taken from Victorian Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2009

Legal but stupid

Update November 2015:
VicRoads advice is that this practice is not legal
ie. You are not allowed to lane filter between traffic and an adjacent kerb.

Update January 2016:
Further details here: Victoria – Motorcycle Filtering

Saw this recently

Legal but stupid

From the Victorian Safety Road Rules 2009

141 No overtaking etc. to the left of a vehicle
(1) A driver (except the rider of a bicycle) must not
overtake a vehicle to the left of the vehicle
(a) the driver is driving on a multi-lane road and
the vehicle can be safely overtaken in a
marked lane to the left of the vehicle; or
(b) the vehicle is turning right, or making a
U-turn from the centre of the road, and is
giving a right change of direction signal; or
(c) the vehicle is stationary and it is safe to
overtake to the left of the vehicle.

I did some hairy things when I worked as a motorcycle courier, but I would never have been as stupid as that.