mophie wireless charging base

I like my mophie wireless charger.  I guess the main reason is that it’s (mostly) well designed.


mophie charger plug

The power-plug is angled.  This means that it needs two power board spaces for it to be plugged in.  In other words, I had to remove the plug next to the mophie power-plug.

Sad smile

Mobile friendly web sites

Mobile version of screenshotThis collection of (mainly Australian) mobile phone friendly links was something I put together (almost) four years ago.

All the links still work from a mobile phone, which was a surprise to me.

ABC Mobile
Google News
News Limited
The Age
Fox Sports

Microsoft Mobile Live
Yahoo mail

Search engines etc.
Google Mobile
Wikipedia – Mobile Edition Yellow Pages / Whereis Map / Trading Post

Telstra collection of mobile friendly links

iPhone call diversion

iPhone Call Forward PropertiesFor some strange reason, the call diversion features on the Apple iPhone are a bit lacking.

On Android, you’re able to easily set diversions based on “No answer”, “Busy” & “Not contactable”.

On the iPhone, the options aren’t there.  So you need to set the diversions the old fashioned way.  Using the GSM Feature Codes.

Function Dial
Divert all  
Activate divert all **21*<voicemail>#
Deactivate divert all ##21#
Query divert all *#21#
Divert on no answer  
Activate divert when no answer **61*<voicemail>#
Activate divert when no answer after X seconds **61*<voicemail>**<xx>#
Deactivate divert when no answer ##61#
Query divert when no answer *#61#
Divert when not reachable  
Activate divert when not reachable **62*<voicemail>#
Deactivate divert when not reachable ##62#
Query divert when not reachable *#62#
Divert when busy  
Activate divert when busy **67*<voicemail>#
Deactivate divert when busy ##67#
Query divert when busy *#67#


And for completeness, some other GSM Feature codes.

Function Dial
Own number *#100*
(Telstra network: a menu is displayed)
HLR number *#101#
(Telstra network: Messagebank calls you)
Switch number *#102# or *#105#
Network time *#103#
Voice mailbox number *#104#
Last call *#147#

How to connect your Android Phone to a PC.

(wrote this for a friend who has a HTC Desire HD)

  1. First connect your phone to your PC with this cable.
    The small end plugs into your phone, where you’d normally plug the charger.
    Micro USB Cable
  2. Your phone will now display an icon like the one circled in RED (top left of picture):
    USB Notification Icon
  3. Swipe from the top-down to expand the notification box:
    Press on the "Charge Only" and change it to Disk Drive
  4. Then click on “Done”.
    Disk drivetH
  5. Shortly afterward, you should see a new drive on your computer.
         (your photos will be in a folder called "DCIM")

Things I don’t like about my Android

htc desire is biggerIt’s been 6 weeks since I got my Android phone, and I should have known better.

The tech reviews were glowing. THAT is normally a warning to stay away.  See Palm Pre.

So the things I don’t like about my Android phone:

  1. The Android install won’t let me remove the telephone carrier’s bloatware/advertising junk.  Had to "root" the phone to get around that.  Which voids the warranty …
  2. The built-in media player lacks features.  It’s not able to play videos.  As an alternate, I’m currently using yxplayer.  There is talk of VLC Media Player being ported to Android.
  3. The Android application "Market Place" has a large amount of cruddy programs in there.
    This is an area where the iPhone is definitely superior.
  4. Battery life.  A day at best.  Using an iPhone 4 is a similar use?  2->3 days.
  5. Data corruption issues.  I’ve lost copies of my SMS text logs.  Known Android bug.

So if you’re the type which likes fiddling with your phone, get the Android.
But if you’re the type who just wants your smartphone to just work, then buy an iPhone 4

A tale of three SIMs (iPad, iPhone 4 & “Normal”)

iPad IPhone4 Normal Sim
The iPhone 4 SIM card is the not the same as the others.  It’s missing the AUX1 & AUX2 pin-outs.  Which are the contacts for use with USB devices.  Such as connecting your mobile phone to your car, via USB.
(AUX1 is the USB D+ pin, and AUX2 is the USB D- pin).

The pictured SIMs are from Telstra.  And no, I don’t know why Telstra decided to use a different SIM for the iPhone 4.

Clean your iPhone with your WHAT?!?

Alcohol Sanitiser WipeDon’t ask me how I found this out, but if you’ve got crap on your iPhone screen that won’t come off with a tissue, giving your iPhone a good lick or two and then giving it another go with a tissue is a win every time.

Yes, it is gross.  I support iPhones, and if our users are going to do this, then I’m going to do a bulk order of isopropyl wipes.  I mean, where else have their tongues been?


(Isopropyl is an alcohol, which is good at cleaning all sorts of computer devices.  I use it for cleaning devices before they go back to the customer).

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