The world knows where you live – that is not good.

It might be a bit of a surprise to you, it certainly was to me.  The Apple iPhone stores the location of where a photo was taken.  It’s known as Location.  Or geo-location with other makes of phones/cameras.  Seems harmless enough, doesn’t it.

Except when some enterprising people decide to create a Firefox plug-in which lets you view the GPS co-ordinates, then link you though, to say Google Maps.

iPhone photo - we know where you liveOr not.  "42° 53? 7.60? S, 147° 19? 35.54? E" is a church in Tasmania.  I selected it at random, to mask the real address.

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Re-branding obsolete signs

Connex’s name will be removed from trains and the system renamed ”Metro”. The massive Government rebranding exercise will cost $25 million.

The Age, 2nd September 2009

Yes, and they’ll re-brand without thinking.

Have a look at this safety sign:
Metro re-branding 
(I’ve enlarged 2 parts of the sign).

The sign is there, for when a truck hits the rail bridge.

Metro have come along and re-branded the sign, but left the phone number as is.

The problem?  Melbourne has not had 5 digit phone numbers since 1995.  The Metro people have re-branded an out of date safety sign, instead of fixing it.

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