Some of the things I don’t miss with my old employer

CSC - My job went to India and all I got was this lousy shirt. Some of the things I don’t miss with my old employer:

  • Being “re-org’d” in May 2007 while being at a workshop in England.
  • Going from a non-billable position to being required to be 100% billable.  Found this out via email, my manager couldn’t be bothered telling me this face to face.
  • Bedridden with flu for 2 weeks while on annual leave.  Manager didn’t want to reimburse the leave.  And didn’t.
    This was the straw which broke the camel’s back.
  • Seeing a colleague berated in email by our manager, then the email mysteriously disappearing from the email system.  (no, the email system didn’t have a recall function)
  • Manager passing off work as their own, to senior management.
  • Not a word from my team lead or manager when they visited Melbourne
    eg. not “sorry to see you go.”
  • The last year truly sucked.

On a positive note:

  • worked with some truly great people.
    JT – darn fine Team Lead, who’s now working as a architect.
    The guy from Oklahoma.  His capacity for quality work output amazes me.
  • was proud to have led a couple of great guys.
  • worked with some cool technology.

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21 Things to do when quitting work

RSA SecurID token displaying OFFThis is the list I used when I finished up at my last job. Writing in blue shows what I did/what actually happened when I tried to complete the task. Might be handy for others.

  1. Performance appraisal feedback.  Finish writing feedback for staff who have asked for it.
  2. Print out list of training courses I’ve been on.
  3. Business cards with my new contact details, to hand out to people.
    I used  See this blog post for the why.
  4. Remove all of my property from the workplace.
    Was surprised that no-one asked about my 19″ LCD monitor I had on my desk, which went into the car boot.
  5. Clear clothes locker.
    No, didn’t find any spare charge.
  6. Have security clearances revoked.
    This can take time, so it’s better to start the process early.
    Comment from supervisor: “They were all canceled when we lost the contract”  No they weren’t.
  7. Delete Telephone Teleconference access.
    The company didn’t have a process for this. “”Never had anyone want to do that before.”
  8. Delete Telephone Calling Card.
    same as item 7.
  9. Hard reset of PDA to clear all work-related data.
    And the subsequent re-add of friend’s details took quite a while 🙁
  10. Cancel cell/mobile phones
    The cancellation didn’t go though until the following Tuesday.
  11. Cancel VPN token (Racal SecurID).
  12. Advise support groups that I am leaving and that accounts/passwords need to be revoked.
    “Ummm, why do you need your XYZ account disabled?”  Good security practice for a start.
  13. Send final email to co-workers, saying goodbye.
    Could have done a better job of this 🙁
    A UK based employee wrote this biting email.
  14. Secure format/wipe hard disk, and replace with original disk.  Repeat process.
    Darik’s Nuke and Boot worked well, but it takes hours.
    I had my own hard disk in the laptop as I wanted more space.
  15. Remove password from laptop.
    Laptop had a hard disk and bios boot password.
  16. Clear down Diners Card and return
    I had a credit balance on my Diner’s, which I’m still waiting for Diner’s to refund.
    Diner’s never did refund the money.
  17. Submit any outstanding expense reports.
  18. Claim any outstanding allowances.
    Should have done this, but didn’t 🙁
  19. Return customer security passes and keys.
  20. Advise facilities to revoke all buildings access.
  21. Return staff id and building keys.
    I miss some of the people, but not the employer.
    “Don’t go along to get along; do your best and when you have to, and you will; leave and be something else.”

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Matthew 22:21 – Render to Caesar …

lexar-usbThere are three things which will get you into trouble in life, thus explains why I returned a USB memory stick to my employer.

It was a surprise to the colleague I gave it to.

“Why not keep it?”

It’s not mine, that’s why.

“Not that they’re going to miss it”

No, but the principle is important.  I’m going to walk out this door with what’s mine, and leave what’s theirs.  And that’s just the way it is.

Sometimes in life you need to light the way for others.

It was a sweet product though.

Two good companies I’ve dealt with recently

Imprint Rubber Stamps
Based in Wollongong, they sell a complete range of Regular Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps and Craft Stamps plus a full range of rubber stamping accessories.  They do web based ordering, and their service is prompt and cheap.
Since I’ve told people I’m leaving my current employer, people have been asking for my contact 112002935523-1427details.  Best way I can do that is give them a business card.  It’s the one pictured here.  Total cost for 250 cards, $67.45, including postage.  $67.45 for printing front and back, 310gsm card stock with a varnish finish.  The equivalent card ordered from OfficeWorks?  $119.  Very happy.

A set of Dbase III commands which sets message output to screen, and allows you to turn off the "Do you really want to do this" messages.  Bit geeky.  Normally followed by the phrase, "And away we goooo!"

Out of Office message: Employee 23279 has left the building

Once received this from someone I emailed at another company.


I will be out of the office starting 23/12/2005 and will not return until 31/12/2099.

Hi there,

If you’ve got this mail from me then it means that you hadn’t realised that I have finally escaped from HAL before good old Uncle Larry managed to outsource my role to India, Malaysia, Outer Mongolia or somewhere else cheaper than the UK.

If you’re mailing me because you have a DIALUP or a SECURID problem then I’m very pleased to say that I am no longer able, willing or interested in being able to assist. If you don’t have a reference number from the helpdesk then you really shouldn’t be mailing me before getting one anyway.

After six and a half years of being employee number 23279 to HAL I am really looking forward to starting my new role with a smaller company in which I will actually be known by my name! I’m told that my new company are also keen to invest in training for me which will indeed be a novelty after the last several years.

For anyone that has tried to get in touch with me for non HAL related reasons you can still get hold of me through Schoolmates Reunion or at the Carron Tavern, Melbourne.

So, arrivederci, adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen. I’d like to say it has been fun, it certainly was in the early days but, to be honest, the last four years have been dreadful.

All the best for the future,
Employee 23279.